. . . . improving your image
  • Following a degree course in photography, David began shooting for newspapers, so knows very clearly what images grab the attention of editors.
  • Moved to a French picture agency based in Paris but covering the world. Covered assignments throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Returned to the UK and joined the British Broadcasting Corporation, where he spent several years shooting illustrative features including promotional material for publicity and current affairs and a year of making documentary films.
  • Developed close links with the graphic design department, and worked as the director of photography on programme titles sequences, film and video shoots.
  • Whilst at the BBC published a handbook of lighting techniques and wrote the Corporation’s guidelines on “The Impact of Digital Imaging” at a time when digital camera technology was in its infancy.
  • Since leaving the BBC, David has been freelance and built his own studio where he can put his years of experience and creativity to further practical use, servicing the requirements of business, broadcasters and the public.

David Graeme-Baker - A very short history:
"Apart from the technical skills and creative flair that make for a good photographer, one thing that is often overlooked
is the ability to listen.
Listen and discuss with your client until you both know that you have a common idea that can be successfully achieved.
Then, and only then, do you start shooting; otherwise you are wasting people's time and money . . . . and your reputation !"

“I love photography and the wonderful life it gives me - I can’t foresee a day when I won’t have a camera, of some sort in my hand”