. . . . improving your image
We’ve built our reputation, and client list, almost entirely by word-of-mouth and there’s good reason for it.
Whether products or people, technical or creative, location or studio we have a proven track record servicing major public and private companies.
We can advise on the best techniques and treatment to suit your needs and, of course, your budget.
Please see our Terms and Conditions re: Copyright information etc.
Studio Photography
We have a well equipped photographic studio in Surbiton where we can undertake product pack shots, corporate portraits, publicity, beauty and fashion - everything you may need for your web site or product launch.
Location Photography
Whether on your premises or on a mountain side we can supply all you'll need for that all important image.
We can supply coverage for your events or launches.
Got a new service or product - we can help you tell the world about it.
Food Photography
In your restaurant or our studio we can make that dish look especially mouth watering.
Post Production
After the shoot we can assist you with our other digital services: placement of company logos, retouching, manipulation and resizing images for web or publication.
With years of experience in digital photography there is almost nothing we can't achieve - and advice is free !

Services and Pricing

We are keen to be entirely transparent about our pricing so that our clients have no nasty surprises.
No sudden hidden charges which can mar our relationship.
Below is a listing of our basic services and charges but if you don't see what you're looking for, or have a special request, or budgetary constraint, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you with our best advice and pricing.
Please note that for all photographic work that I undertake and to ensure that my clients receive their images in a usable format, I edit the images after shooting using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to guarantee colour accuracy etc.
See under "Post Production".

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Studio Photography

We have a purpose built studio in south west London where I undertake most of my product photography and portrait shoots.
It is here we shoot video too for web insertion or artistes auditioning etc.
There is a small private area set aside for model make-up and preparation etc.
The studio is available fully equipped with lighting, both studio flash and continuous lights, for £600 per day.

Location Photography

Anywhere . . . . anytime.
We charge £600 per day and £300 per half day for coverage of all your location photography requirements.
Studio flash lighting can be brought to almost any location where there is power and if the shoot is outside (or up a mountain) I have some battery powered units too.
Sometimes it will be necessary to employ an assistant or make-up or other extra person for the duration of a shoot but I will always consult with the client beforehand to discuss costs.
Likewise occasionally a client will require some piece of equipment that is out of the ordinary; e.g. a specialist lens or lighting rig.
We will do our best to source this equipment and advise on its use and discuss the extra costs.
Should a client require an exceptionally rapid delivery of images whilst on location it is possible to bring a laptop computer to enable download and writing of the images to a disc or flash drive, but please note that this is an extra service and will incur a £100 surcharge.

Expenses are charged pro-rata and mileage costs are at 50 p.p.m.

Post Production

After any shoot I will edit all the pictures, adjust the colours and tones using colour matched monitors to ensure perfect reproduction.
This is an essential service to ensure that you get things looking just right.
These files are then written to DVD with a simple browser viewer so you can quickly view them on your computer without having to open the very large image files. Great for making your selections.
Normally I will save these files to DVD as High Resolution / Low Compression JPEGS in Adobe RGB Colour Space.
If you require a different image format or have other technical specifications please notify me.
I do not export images as CMYK files as a standard service.

We charge £50 per DVD for this service and that will cover approximately 150 images.
(£20 for a duplicate DVD).
If you require any further post production, manipulation or image compositing see the section below "Further Services"

Further Services - Retouching and Manipulation etc.

Having many years of digital experience and aware of the requirements of our clients we can offer many image retouching and manipulation techniques.
Sometimes your model or product may not be as totally perfect as you would have wished - no problem - we can almost certainly sort that out for you.

face_bad after

Perhaps you want to change a colour or introduce a company logo into the picture, resizing and optimising for web use - all this can be achieved with little fuss.
We charge £40 per hour for digital manipulation - however if you have a lot of artwork that needs attention we can quote you for the complete job.

Terms and Conditions

The small print !
All my accredited customers can expect to receive their pictures within a couple of days, work schedule allowing.
However if you require a particularly rapid turnaround this can usually be supplied but at an additional fee commensurate with the additional work.
You will be invoiced within 10 days and we would appreciate the settling of accounts within the statutory 30 days.
If an invoice is not paid within this period clients will lose any rights to image usage.
Sometimes there is confusion over who actually owns the images after a photographic shoot and in line with current guidance about copyright I have assembled a document outlining the legal position.
This can be viewed here .
In almost all cases this will not give any cause for concern for my clients however if you wish to alter any of these terms and conditions this must be mutually agreed and negotiated prior to work being undertaken.